Friday, June 4, 2010

Bloomsday Celebrations

Bloomsday has become an iconic 
commemoration of a literary milestone, 
Ulysses, the great novel by James Joyce, 
was set on and transpires on 
June 16, 1904 in Dubln. 
The characters, the city and the story 
have attained mythical status in some 
literary circles and Bloomsday has evolved 
into a day that commemorates and savors 
that glorious fictional piece of time.

I was recently struck by the realization that reading James Joyce 
changed my life in many ways. My intent now is to spend a portion 
of my time promoting my belief that reading, enjoying and learning 
about James Joyce and his works can be a very expansive 
and positive endeavor. My first step was to start the 
James Joyce Colloquium and it has already opened doors and given 
my limited knowledge and understanding of Joyce and his writing 
a boost. I hope that my readers will check this out and consider 
joining the group. 
Here are links to the latest issue of the 
Irish E-Missive which has a brief feature  on the Joyce project 
and to our new FaceBook Group.


James Joyce Colloquium

More on James Joyce here soon.

Jim McDonough
Manhattan, Kansas